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The Aim of the Aroma Science course is to train anyone who is interested in Aromatherapy, obtaining knowledge in essential oils and how to use plant based medicines.

Aroma Science is Aroma meaning smell, Science meaning the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the plant world through observation and experiment.

What is Aroma Science? 

It is a study of Aromatic Medicine.  The controlled use of exceptional pure, natural aromatic oils obtained from plants to achieve good health by nature's chemistry.  Essential oils can be prescribed for a range of conditions and applied topically and or used in oils, compresses, creams, inhalations, pessaries, suppositories and capsules and more.  You will learn all of this on the course.

What do I gain from this certificate?

An Aromatic Medicine Institute Certificate in Aroma Science 

What do I call myself after I gain this certificate?

An Aromatic Medicine specialist, Aroma Science practitioner, or an a Aromatologist.  Aromatology is a title that can be used when specialising in Aroma Science/Aromatic Medicine.  Most people know the Aromatherapy title.  You can use any of the above.

Traditionally, the Aroma Therapy (Aromatherapy) title is used when full training in Massage, Anatomy and Physiology & Pathology is incorporated with the course.  (Aroma meaning smell, Therapy meaning method of healing through massage).  We developed the word, Aroma Science back in 1998.  The Aroma Science course incorporates the same information that we teach our Diploma in Aromatherapy students, just without the massage etc.  This is an important part of a Clinical Aromatherapist, if one wishes to go on and study the ITEC qualification.   

The Aroma Science Course Structure is:

Made up of 4 stages encompassing over 100 essential oils and 25 carrier oils and not limited to:

  • Stage 1: Introduction into Aromatherapy, plant families etc.
  • Stage 2: Chemistry of essential oils, methods of absorption etc.
  • Stage 3: Chemotypes and formulations, special topics
  • Stage 4: Advance use of aromatic medicine, making natural products etc.    

Each stage must be done in order, 1, 2, 3 & 4.


What is my commitment?

You need to allow time for approx 400 hour course, approx 10 hours per week for one year.   

This course can be done completely on line.  NO NEED TO COME TO NELSON, NZ to attend.

Upon confirmed enrolment you will be allocated a log-in to the learning platform. This up-to-date, modern on-line training makes this subject informative, interactive and achievable for students.  There are videos, diagrams, power point slides and quizes embedded into each unit. 

Who is this course designed for?

It was designed for:

1.  People who know nothing at all about essential oils or aromatherapy.                        2. Practitioners who are already qualified in Reflexology, Massage, Beauty therapy etc. who want to add another skill and recognised qualification to their practice.                     3.  Nurses, Doctors, Aged Care Support Staff, etc. Who are curious to know more about essential oils, and safe referral or practice methodology, to assist with upskilling hours or to be curious about a new skill set.

When can I start?

Anytime!  However, when you do, you will be enrolled in one of the intakes below once we receive all your required enrolment information.

The Aroma Science course consists of six intakes every year on the months of;

February, March, May, July, September and November.

Each intake is called a “cohort”.  Each “cohort” starts on the first Monday of the intake month.

If you wish to know more about the details of this course, please email us or view the attached enrolment brochure


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