Quality Management System (QMS)

If you wish to view any of our QMS policy documents when considering to enrol on a programme, please email or phone the office.  The enrolment brochure will outline a few policies, including your withdraw policy, in case you decide to change your mind.  That is ok.  We refund fees no problem, but if the money has already gone into Public Trust, there will be administration fees.

If you are still unsure about a few things, and would like a little bit more information, we have procedures and policies around the running of our organisation, which include but not limited to:

Governance and Management - Goals and objectives policy, Management Structure and Governance policy etc..

Staff - Staff selection/recruitment policy, Staff professional policy etc..

Students - policies around student fee protection, early and voluntary withdrawal policy, maintaining student files and information policy etc..

Operations and Delivery - Programme Development policy, Moderation policy, programme review and evaluation policy etc..

We are proud to be a transparent organisation, and as part of our on-going quality assurance these documents are a requirement for ITEC and other Government organisations.  They are living documents and will be updated each year, to ensure we comply with the changes within our industry.  i.e. The new Privacy Act introduced in December 2020, in how we deal with information.

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