Introduction to Reflexology

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Learn all about the main Reflexology points on the feet. 

This is the first necessary ground work to comprehend the reflexes presented on the right and left foot.  The first morning is understanding the course book and charts that are supplied.  After morning tea, we get straight into a demonstration, then after lunch, all hands on feet, with students practicing on one another.

The second day, consists of looking at the client charts, drawing the reflexes on the feet, then doing another reflexology treatment on each other. 

Practical application of learning the reflexes is what this course is about.  Shelley is passionate about the subject and has trained many students into graduates over the years. 

New Choices moving forward, you can pay to come to Nelson and learn, or you can do this course entirely on line.   

Hard copies of the course materials and reflexology charts are supplied for both on-line and in person.

2021 Dates:

14th & 15th August 2021

2022 Dates:

26th & 27th March 2022

11th & 12th June 2022

27th & 28th August 2022

12th & 13th November 2022

Note:  Students are given an accommodation guide on where to stay in Nelson, based on other students feedback and experience.



Fully Accredited