Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy

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The main aim of the Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy is to enable Learners to gain the necessary practical and theoretical skills in order to provide Aromatherapy treatments to the general public and to gain employment in the Aromatherapy Industry.

Aromatherapy is the study of essential oil science and the practice of Swedish massage.  This IFPA Diploma in Aromatherapy will enable you to practice as a Professional Aromatherapist anywhere in the world.  Learn about Aromatic Medicine and how to administer essential oils safely, both topically and internally.  The programme provides skills to encourage professional practice and confidence in setting up your own business.  Topics of organic chemistry, anatomy & physiology, pathology, aromatic formulations are taught.  

The Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy is both NZROHA and ITEC approved, so you will come out with two qualifications, one in-house, recognised in NZROHA and the ITEC (which is externally assessed) and is comprised of 4 mandatory units; Unit iUCT40 - Provide aromatherapy for complementary therapies, Unit iUCT38 - Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology for complementary therapies, Unit iUCT21- Principles and practice of complementary therapies and Unit iUCT34 - Business practice for complementary therapies.  Students must provide case study and treatment evidence of at least 150 hours.  Assessments are done by Assignments, Workbooks, practical examinations and paper examinations.  Once the above ITEC units have been completed, these can be cross-credited to other ITEC qualifications, i.e. Reflexology.

To complete this Qualification in the Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy, students must attend 4 of the week block courses.  These are done in stages.  Aromatherapy Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4.  They must be completed preferably in order, but in some instances can be changed, i.e. if you started another course somewhere else but did not finish, or you wanted to add onto your IFPA Qualification.


Fully Accredited